We Bring Natural Stone Surfaces Back to Life

Marble, Granite, and other natural stone surfaces are porous and can lose their luster and value due to damage resulting from foot traffic, spills, acidic cleaners, and everyday wear. Our experienced stone restoration experts can bring your stone back to new — or better!


Stone Restoration is the art and science of restoring natural stone floors and surfaces to their original beauty. It is our job to restore your stone back to its original beauty using one or more of the following services:


Light surface scratches and some mild chemical etching can be polished out using different polishing compounds, powders, and crystallizers.

Stain Removal

Stone and other natural surfaces are porous and can stain easily if not properly sealed. Determining the type of stain and choosing the correct chemicals and poultice materials are key to the removal of stains.


If your marble has any unsightly damage or has simply lost its luster, there is a solution. Contact the stone restoration experts at Five Star Carpet and Tile Clean. We can hone away years of damage and etching and polish your marble to a matte, low-shine or glossy finish.


Granite is a much harder natural stone than marble, and restoring granite requires specialized skills. Because of the skill level involved, some companies shy away from restoring granite. The professional technicians at Five Star Carpet and Tile Care are equipped with the proper knowledge and training, to polish, clean and seal your granite.



Travertine can be rustic, elegant, contemporary or traditional. Even though this stone is strong enough to stand the test of time (ie: the Roman Colosseum), it still requires professional polishing and sealing every few years to keep it looking its best.



Limestone is an elegant and durable sedimentary stone, but it is somewhat porous and vulnerable to scratches, chips, hard water and acidic stains. We can bring back the original beauty of your limestone floor or countertop and seal it to inhibit staining


Although slate is very durable and stands up well to heat and scratches, it can still chip, crack, absorb stains or become dull over time. The slate experts at Five Star Carpet and Tile Clean. can strip any wax coating or sealer from your slate, then properly seal it.